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GATE | Quiz for Sudo GATE 2021 | Question 45

  • Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2020
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Consider the following languages :

(I) {anbm | n > m ∨ n < m }  
(II) {anbm | n ≥ m ∨ n ≤ m }  
(III) {anbm | n > m ∧ n < m } 
(IV) {anbm | n ≥ m ∧ n ≤ m } 

Which of the following languages are regular?

Note – This question is multiple select questions (MSQ).
(A) (I)
(B) (II)
(C) (III)
(D) (IV)

Answer: (B) (C)

Explanation: (I) Not regular. It is the same language as {anbm | n ≠ m} which is the complement to {anbm | n = m} which is not regular. Since regularity is closed under complementation, the considered language can not be regular (since it would imply that {anbm | n = m} is regular).
(II) Regular. The language can be described by the regular expression a*b*.
(III) Regular. This language is empty so finite and regular.
(IV) Not regular. Its {anbm | n≥m ∧ n≤m } = {anbm | n = m} which is not regular.

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