GATE | Gate IT 2008 | Question 57

A software engineer is required to implement two sets of algorithms for a single set of matrix operations in an object oriented programming language; the two sets of algo­rithms are to provide precisions of 10-3and 10-6, respectively. She decides to implement two classes, Low Precision Matrix and High Precision Matrix, providing precisions 103and 10-6 respectively. Which one of the following is the best alternative for the imple­mentation?
  • (S1)  The two classes should be kept independent.
  • (S2)  Low Precision Matrix should be derived from High Precision Matrix.
  • (S3)  High Precision Matrix should be derived from Low Precision Matrix.
  • (S4)  One class should be derived from the other; the hierarchy is immaterial.

(A) S1
(B) S2
(C) S3
(D) S4

Answer: (B)


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