GATE | Gate IT 2008 | Question 56

A software project plan has identified ten tasks with each having dependencies as given in the following table:

Task        Depends On
T1                 –
T2                T1
T3                T1
T4                T1
T5                T2
T6                T3
T7                T3, T4
T8               T4
T9               T5, T7, T8
T10             T6, T9
Answer the following questions:

(Q1) What is the maximum number of tasks that can be done concurrently?
(Q2) What is the minimum time required to complete the project, assuming that each task requires one time unit and there is no restriction on the number of tasks that can be done in parallel ?
(A) 5, 5
(B) 4, 5
(C) 5, 4
(D) 4, 4

Answer: (B)

Explanation: 2008_58_sol

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