GATE | Gate IT 2007 | Question 5

Which of the following systems is a most likely candidate example of a pipe and filter architecture ?
(A) Expert system
(B) DB repository
(C) Aircraft flight controller
(D) Signal processing

Answer: (D)

Explanation: Pipe and Filters

In the pipes and filters pattern, components are filters and connectors are pipes.
Each filter takes input insome form and produces output in some other form,
which may or may not be similar to the input form.Hopefully,each filter will add
value to the output stream because of processing done inside the filter. Each filter
is independent and is unaware of the up and down stream filters. Pipes are conduits
of the data streams. Famous example of the pipes and filters architectural pattern are
UNIX shells,signal processing systems and distributed systems.

Reference: Software Architecture: A Case Based Approach By Vasudeva Varma, Varma Vasudeva

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