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A depth-first search is performed on a directed acyclic graph. Let d[u] denote the time at which vertex u is visited for the first time and f[u] the time at which the dfs call to the vertex u terminates. Which of the following statements is always true for all edges (u, v) in the graph ?
(A) d[u] < d[v] (B) d[u] < f[v] (C) f[u] < f[v] (D) f[u] > f[v]

Answer: (D)

Starting DFS at node V
1] Visit(V) -> DFS(X) ->Visit(X) ->DFS(U) ->Visit(U) -> backtrack(X) -> backtrack(V)
Therefore: d[U] > d[V], d[U] < f[V], f[U] < f[V]
But, visiting order is just opposite of finishing order.
Hence f[U] > f[V]

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