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A software program consists of two modules M1 and M2 that can fail independently, but never simultaneously. The program is considered to have failed if any of these modules fails. Both the modules are ‘repairable’ and so the program starts working again as soon as the repair is done. Assume that the mean time to failure (MTTF) of M1 is T1 with a mean time to repair (MTTR) of R1. The MTTF of M2 is T2 with an MTTR of R2. What is the availability of the overall program given that the failure and repair times are all exponentially distributed random variables?
(A) ((T1T2)/(T1R1 + T2R2))
(B) ((R1R2)/(T1R1 + T2R2))
(C) ((T1T2)/(T1T2 + T1R1 + T2R2))
(D) ((T1T2)/(T1T2 + T1R2 + T2R1))

Answer: (B)


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