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The data path shown in the figure computes the number of 1s in the 32-bit input word corresponding to an unsigned even integer stored in the shift register.

The unsigned counter, initially zero, is incremented if the most significant bit of the shift register is
The micro-program for the control is shown in the table below with missing control words for micro-instructions I1, I2, ….. In.

The counter width (k), the number of missing micro-instructions (n), and the control word for microinstructions I2, ….. In are, respectively,
(A) 32, 5, 010
(B) 5, 32, 010
(C) 5, 31, 011
(D) 5, 31, 010

Answer: (D)

Explanation: For a number to be even LSB bit has to be 0.<br>

So there may be only 31 1’s for an unsigned EVEN integer.<br>

And 31 left shifts are needed to determine number of 1’s.

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