GATE | Gate IT 2005 | Question 17

A student wishes to create symbolic links in a computer system running Unix. Three text files named “file 1”, “file 2” and “file 3” exist in her current working directory, and the student has read and write permissions for all three files. Assume that file 1 contains information about her hobbies, file 2 contains information about her friends and file 3 contains information about her courses. The student executes the following sequence of commands from her current working directory

ln -s file 1 file 2
ln -s file 2 file 3

Which of the following types of information would be lost from her file system?
(I) Hobbies (II) Friends (III) Courses

(A) (I) and (II) only
(B) (II) and (III) only
(C) (II) only
(D) (I) and (III) only

Answer: (B)


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