GATE | GATE-IT-2004 | Question 52

A program attempts to generate as many permutations as possible of the string, ‘abcd’ by pushing the characters a, b, c, d in the same order onto a stack, but it may pop off the top character at any time. Which one of the following strings CANNOT be generated using this program?
(A) abcd
(B) dcba
(C) cbad
(D) cabd

Answer: (D)


A. PUSH a- POP a , PUSH b- POP   b , PUSH c- POP   c, PUSH d- POP   d

B. PUSH a ,PUSH b, PUSH c,PUSH d , POP d, POP c ,POP b, POP a   

C.PUSH a ,PUSH b, PUSH c , POP c ,POP b, POP a   PUSH d- POP   d

D. Sequence not feasible

Therefore,Answer is D

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