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Which one of the following statements is FALSE?
(A) TCP guarantees a minimum communication rate
(B) TCP ensures in-order delivery
(C) TCP reacts to congestion by reducing sender window size
(D) TCP employs retransmission to compensate for packet loss

Answer: (A)

Explanation: Transport Layer protocols offer certain services to the applications using them. These services include-

  1. Reliable data transfer.
  2. Throughput
  3. Timing
  4. Security

Out of these, TCP only provides Reliable Data Transfer, which means data from one end reaches the other end error-free and in-order.
To provide a reliable service,

  1. It ensures in-order delivery of packets by numbering them.
  2. It avoids congestion by limiting the sending window size.
  3. It retransmits packets which are lost in the path.

But TCP does not provide a fixed throughput as a service. Hence option (A), TCP ensures a minimum communication rate, is false.
Therefore option (A) is correct.

This explanation is provided by Chirag Manwani.

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