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Five colleague of different age group headed to the bar for celebrating birthday party. Few of them decided to order alcohol. The government rule clearly sates that one must be atleast 25 years old inorder to drink alcohol. Peter is the head of team and eldest member with age 40 and Bruce is co-teamlead. John is drinking banana smoothie. Barry is drinking alchohol and Smith, who is 20 years old, haven’t decided yet. Choose the correct option to make sure rules are being followed :

(A) Check Bruce’s age
(B) Check Bruce’s and Smith’s drink
(C) Check Bruce and Barry’s age and Smith’s drink
(D) Check Peter and Smith’s drink

Answer: (C)

Explanation: Bruce is co-teamlead, whose age is not given. So his drink must be checked.
John is having banana smoothie, so no need of checking.
Barry is drinking alcohol, so his age must be checked. Same way, Smith’s drink should be checked.
So, option (C) is correct.

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