GATE | GATE CS Mock 2018 | Set 2 | Question 64

Consider the given schedule and choose the suitable option.

S = T1:R(x), T1:R(y), T1:W(x), T2:R(y), T3:W(y), T1:W(x), T2:R(y) 

(A) Schedule is view serializable
(B) Schedule is conflict serializable but not view serializable
(C) Schedule is view serializable but not conflict serializable
(D) Neither view serializable nor conflict serializable

Answer: (C)

Explanation: Since there is cycle found in precedence graph, it is not Conflict Serializable. Also, there is a blind write in T3 so we need to test further for view serializability using polygraph. From polygraph, we can derive that it is View serializable.
Option (C) is Correct.

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