GATE | GATE CS Mock 2018 | Set 2 | Question 19

\lim_{y\rightarrow 7}\frac{y^2-4y-21}{3y^2-17y-28}
(A) 2/7
(B) 3/5
(C) 3/7
(D) 2/5

Answer: (D)

Explanation: Using L – Hospital Rule :

\lim_{y\rightarrow 7}\frac{y^2-4y-21}{3y^2-17y-28}=\lim_{y\rightarrow 7}\frac{(y-7)(y+3)}{(3y+4)(y-7)}=\lim_{y\rightarrow 7}\frac{y+3}{3y+4}=\frac{10}{25}=\frac{2}{5}

Option (D) is correct.

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