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GATE | GATE CS Mock 2018 | Question 9

  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2018

Study the given graphs to answer these questions.
The total production of wheat is 50 lakh tonnes.
Production of wheat in different states of India is given :
Abbreviations :
U.P. = Uttar Pradesh,
M.P. = Madhya Pradesh,
A.P. = Andhra Pradesh,
C.G. = ChhattisGarh.


What is the ratio of production by conventional method in A.P. to that by scientific method in U.P.?
(A) 484/949
(B) 99/260
(C) 51/260
(D) 48/77

Answer: (A)

Explanation: The production by conventional method in A.P. = 50*0.22*0.22 = 2.420 lakh tonne
The production by scientific method in U.P. = 50*0.13*0.73 = 4.74500 lakh tonne
Hence, the required ratio = 2.420 / 4.74500 = 484/949

So, option (A) is correct.

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