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Recall that Belady’s anomaly is that the pages-fault rate may increase as the number of allocated frames increases and also recall convey effect where first process can increase waiting time for all processes. Now consider the following statements:

S1 : Random page replacement algorithm (where
    a page chosen at random is replaced) 
    suffers from Belady’s anomaly.

S2 : Random CPU scheduling algorithm 
    suffers from convoy effect.

Which of the following is CORRECT?

(A) S1 is true, S2 is true
(B) S1 is true, S2 is false
(C) S1 is false , S2 is true
(D) S1 is false, S2 is false

Answer: (A)

Explanation: Both statements can be true, because Random page replacement algorithm may behave like FIFO page replacement algorithm and Random CPU scheduling algorithm may behave like FCFS CPU scheduling algorithm.
Option (A) is correct.

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