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The long, anxious, and frustrating wait by people outside banks and ATMs across the country over the last five days is an inevitable consequence of the decision to demonetize notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1,000. When 86 per cent of the value of notes in circulation turns suddenly invalid, as it did with Prime Minister Modi’s ‘surgical strike’ last week, a certain degree of disruption and pain is unavoidable. But the question is whether this chaos could have been anticipated and managed better than it has been.

Replacement of the demonetized notes is a time-consuming exercise that requires planning of the highest order. The experience of the last few days shows that preparation was lacking and the transition could have been handled much better.
Thankfully, the Centre has woken up to ease the pressure on the system by increasing withdrawal limits, allowing for petroleum outlets and hospitals to accept the old series of notes until November 24 and pushing more cash through post offices.

Why do you think that the replacement of the demonetized notes is a time-consuming exercise?
(A) It takes more than 50 days to replace demonized notes.
(B) Demonetization is a ‘futile exercise’ to target black money and fake currency
(C) The government was lazy enough to issue the decision of demonetization before.
(D) Replacement process requires planning of the highest order and careful implementation.

Answer: (D)

Explanation: According to the passage, the demonetization process requires careful thought process, well-chalked out implementation strategies and above all planning of the highest order from the policy makers as well as government.

So, option (D) is most appropriate choice.

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