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GATE | GATE CS Mock 2018 | Question 22

  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2018

What is the correct translation of the following statement into mathematical logic? “Every student who walks talks”

(I) ∀x ((student(x) & walk (x)) → talk (x)))
(II) ∀x (student(x) → (walk (x) → talk (x)))
(III)  ¬ ∃x ((student(x) & walk (x)) & ¬(talk (x))))

(A) Only (I)
(B) Only (II)
(C) Only (II) and (III)
(D) All (I), (II), and (III)

Answer: (D)

Explanation: All are correct and equivalent first order logic of statement “Every student who walks talks”.
Option (D) is correct.

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