GATE | GATE-CS-2017 (Set 2) | Question 7

There are three boxes, one contains apples, another contains oranges and last one contains both apples and oranges. All three are known to be incorrectly labelled. You are permitted to open just one box and then pull out and inspect only one fruit. Which box would you open to determine the contents of all three boxes?
(A) The box labelled apples
(B) The box labelled both apples and oranges
(C) The box labelled oranges
(D) can’t be determined

Answer: (B)

Explanation: In given question there are three boxes incorrectly labeled:

  • Box 3 labeled as Apples and Oranges – Original Content can be Apple or Orangle (This box will have only one fruit, so whichever we pick would  be the correct label). Let’s say the picked item was Apple, therefore the box labeled Orange will have Apples and Oranges.)
  • Box 2 – Oranges – This box will definitely not have orange (as its mislabeled) and it can not contain only apple (As it is in box 3) – So this will have Original Content- both oranges and Apples
  • Box 1 – Apples – This is the leftover box and it can now have Original Content – Orange

Therefore option B is correct

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