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GATE | GATE-CS-2015 (Set 1) | Question 65
  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2015

Match the following

       List-I                            List-II
A. Condition coverage                 1. Black-box testing
B. Equivalence class partitioning     2. System testing
C. Volume testing                     3. White-box testing
D. Alpha testing                      4. Performance testing

   A B C D
(a) 2 3 1 4
(b) 3 4 2 1
(c) 3 1 4 2
(d) 3 1 2 4

(A) a
(B) b
(C) c
(D) d

Answer: (C)

Explanation: White Box Testing tests internal structures or workings of an application. It covers following
Control flow testing
Data flow testing
Branch testing
Statement coverage
Decision coverage
Modified condition/decision coverage
Prime path testing
Path testing
So conditional coverage must be in White-Box Testing.
Black-box testing is a method of software testing that examines the functionality of an application without peering into its internal structures or workings. Typical black-box test design techniques include:
Decision table testing
All-pairs testing
Equivalence partitioning
Boundary value analysis
Cause–effect graph
Error guessing
Volume Testing
Does performance testing for specific size.

Alpha testing is system testing by potential users/customers or an independent test team at the developers’ site.

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