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GATE | GATE-CS-2014-(Set-2) | Question 65
  • Last Updated : 19 Nov, 2018

Consider a main memory system that consists of 8 memory modules attached to the system bus, which is one word wide. When a write request is made, the bus is occupied for 100 nanoseconds (ns) by the data, address, and control signals. During the same 100 ns, and for 500 ns thereafter, the addressed memory module executes one cycle accepting and storing the data. The (internal) operation of different memory modules may overlap in time, but only one request can be on the bus at any time. The maximum number of stores (of one word each) that can be initiated in 1 millisecond is ____________
(A) 1000
(B) 10000
(C) 100000
(D) 100

Answer: (B)

Explanation: One request initiation takes 100 ns. As the operations of memory module may overlap in time another, request can be initiated before it completes its remaining 500 ns. Thus total requests that can be initiated is 1000000 ns/100 ns =10000.

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