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The old city of Koenigsberg, which had a German majority population before World War 2, is now called Kaliningrad. After the events of the war, Kaliningrad is now a Russian territory and has a predominantly Russian population. It is bordered by the Baltic Sea on the north and the countries of Poland to the south and west and Lithuania to the east respectively. Which of the statements below can be inferred from this passage?
(A) Kaliningrad was historically Russian in its ethnic make up
(B) Kaliningrad is a part of Russia despite it not being contiguous with the rest of Russia
(C) Koenigsberg was renamed Kaliningrad, as that was its original Russian name
(D) Poland and Lithuania are on the route from Kaliningrad to the rest of Russia

Answer: (B)

Explanation: Explanation: A is not true in the light of the given facts

  • A is incorrect because First line says that Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg before war) had a majority of the German population before the war. So, it was historically German and not Russian.
  • B is correct as although Kaliningrad is not contiguous with the rest of Russia (being surrounded by countries of Poland in the south and west, Lithuania in the east and Baltic sea on the north), it has a predominantly Russian population.
  • C cannot be inferred from the passage as it is nowhere in the passage what the original Russian name of Koenigsberg was.
  • D is also not true because no data about the route is mentioned in the passage.

So, B is the correct option

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