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GATE | GATE-CS-2014-(Set-1) | Question 2
  • Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2014

Choose the most appropriate word from the options given below to complete the following sentence.
He could not understand the judges awarding her the first prize,
because he thought that her performance was quite __________.
(A) superb
(B) medium
(C) mediocre
(D) exhilarating

Answer: (C)

Explanation: Here, superb and exhilarating would imply that the performance was brilliant. But, the fact that he could not understand why she got awarded the first prize indicates that her performance was not that amazing in his opinion. So, A and D are incorrect.

Medium is more used as a noun, and denoted intermediate in quality, value, etc. So, B is incorrect

Mediocre is used as an adjective (to represent quality) and means low in performance, i.e., normal and not extraordinary  and C is the correct choice.

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