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After several defeats in wars, Robert Bruce went in exile and wanted to commit suicide. Just before committing suicide, he came across a spider attempting tirelessly to have its net. Time and again, the spider failed but that did not deter it to refrain from making attempts. Such attempts by the spider made Bruce curious. Thus, Bruce started observing the near-impossible goal of the spider to have the net. Ultimately, the spider succeeded in having its net despite several failures. Such act of the spider encouraged Bruce not to commit suicide. And then, Bruce went back again and won many a battle, and the rest is history.

Which one of the following assertions is best supported by the above information?
(A) Failure is the pillar of success.
(B) Honesty is the best policy.
(C) Life begins and ends with adventures.
(D) No adversity justifies giving up hope.

Answer: (D)

Explanation: None of A, B and C make sense.

Only option D “No adversity justifies giving up hope” is related to the given information.

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