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The subset-sum problem is defined as follows. Given a set of n positive integers, S = {a1 ,a2 ,a3 ,…,an} and positive integer W, is there a subset of S whose elements sum to W? A dynamic program for solving this problem uses a 2-dimensional Boolean array X, with n rows and W+1 columns. X[i, j],1 <= i <= n, 0 <= j <= W, is TRUE if and only if there is a subset of {a1 ,a2 ,…,ai} whose elements sum to j. Which of the following is valid for 2 <= i <= n and ai <= j <= W?

Which entry of the array X, if TRUE, implies that there is a subset whose elements sum to W?
(A) X[1, W]
(B) X[n, 0]
(C) X[n, W]
(D) X[n-1, n]

Answer: (C)

Explanation: See Question 2 of

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