GATE | GATE-CS-2006 | Question 47

Consider the following graph:
Which one of the following cannot be the sequence of edges added, in that order, to a minimum spanning tree using Kruskal’s algorithm?

(A) (a—b),(d—f),(b—f),(d—c),(d—e)
(B) (a—b),(d—f),(d—c),(b—f),(d—e)
(C) (d—f),(a—b),(d—c),(b—f),(d—e)
(D) (d—f),(a—b),(b—f),(d—e),(d—c)

Answer: (D)

Explanation: The edge (d-e) cannot be considered before (d-c) in Kruskal’s minimum spanning tree algorithm because Kruskal’s algorithm picks the edge with minimum weight from the current set of edges at each step.

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