GATE | GATE-CS-2001 | Question 34

Which is the most appropriate match for the items in the first column with the items in the second column

X. Indirect Addressing        I. Array implementation
Y. Indexed Addressing         II. Writing re-locatable code
Z. Base Register Addressing   III. Passing array as parameter

(A) (X, III) (Y, I) (Z, II)
(B) (X, II) (Y, III) (Z, I)
(C) (X, III) (Y, II) (Z, I)
(D) (X, I) (Y, III) (Z, II)

Answer: (A)

Explanation: Indexed addressing is used for array implementation where each element has indexes.

Base register is used to relocatable code which starts from base address and then all local addresses are added to base address.

Indirect addressing is done when array is passed as parameter where only name is passed.

So (A) is correct option.

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