GATE | GATE 2017 MOCK II | Question 64

Match the protocol with the characteristics:

1. Mails are stored on the computer client use.
2. Stateless protocol
3. Converts MAC address to IP address.
4. Used to send error messages

(A) 1: POP3, 2: HTTP, 3: ARP, 4: SMTP
(B) 1: IMAP, 2: HTTP, 3: RARP, 4: SMTP
(C) 1: POP3, 2: HTTP, 3: RARP, 4: ICMP
(D) 1: IMAP, 2: HTTP, 3: ARP, 4: ICMP

Answer: (C)

Explanation: In POP3 protocol mails are stored on client’s computer while in IMAP mails are stored on the server. HTTP is a stateless protocol, RARP is used to convert MAC to IP while ARP is used to convert IP to MAC, ICMP is used for sending error messages.

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