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Suppose there are two teams A and B. Both of them are competing with each other on a racing track of 1 km. But team A has got the advantage of starting the race from 280 m from the starting point. If the ratio of speed of A to B is 3:4.

Select the correct option from the options given below:
(A) Team A will win by 20m
(B) Team B will win by 20m

(C) Team A will win by 40m

(D) Team B will win by 40m

Answer: (C)

Explanation: To win the race first, A has to cover (1000 – 280) m = 720m
B covers 4 part of distance when A covers 3 part of it.
So, if A covers 720m, then B covers (4/3 * 720)m i.e. 960m
Hence, A will win the race by 40m.

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