• Last Updated : 27 Dec, 2016

To help you gauge your preparation, GeeksforGeeks has come again with the GATE CS 2017 MOCK Test for a pre GATE experience before real GATE.



  • The GATE MOCK test II is going to be conducted during 2nd February 2017 to 3rd February 2017.
  • Logged In Users only can attempt the Quiz. You can login/register here.
  • Quiz will be of Time Limit of 3 hrs. A user can attempt the quiz only once. Once the time duration of 3 hours is over, the user responses will not be saved.
  • The quiz is intended for the self-evaluation of the users only.
  • The quiz will have the same interface as that of other quizzes on GeeksQuiz.
  • Your response for a question will be saved the moment you click on any of the options of that question.
  • Solutions to the questions in the test will be available on 4th February.

    Note: Make sure you have a working internet connection while attempting the quiz.

    Other information related to the quiz will be updated on this page from time to time. Please keep visiting this page.

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