GATE CS 2018 Mock Tests

To help you gauge your preparation, GeeksforGeeks has come again with the GATE CS 2018 MOCK Tests for a pre GATE experience before real GATE.


  1. The GATE CS 2018 Mock Test will available from 11th January 2018. There will be two full length mock tests. First Mock test will be published on 11th January 2018 and second Mock test will be published on 30th January 2018.
  2. No login is required to start test(s).
  3. Since there is no timer provided. So, total time should not be more than 3 hours.
  4. Don’t click on options/discuss link before solving problem.
  5. Level of questions and weightage of subjects are as per current syllabus of GATE Computer Science.

Note: Make sure you have a working internet connection while attempting the quiz.

Link for First Mock Test

Link for Second Mock Test

Other important links for GATE CS 2018 preparation –

Other information related to the quiz will be updated on this page from time to time. Please keep visiting this page.

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