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Ganit Inc. Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 11 Feb, 2021

Ganit provides solutions at the intersection of analytics, AI, and IoT. It uses sophisticated tools and techniques to mine Big or small data emerging from transactions, behaviors, macro-economic conditions, social interactions, IoT devices, etc.

Ganit visited our campus in December 2020, for the role of Data Analyst in the category of Dream-internship leads to placement. The company eligibility was 60% throughout academics and pursuing B.Tech. In Computer Science and IT.

The recruitment process consisted of four rounds and each round was an elimination round.

Round 1(Written Test): A total of 1551 applied and were eligible for the written test round. The written test round was held on the platform of Students were divided into four batches and each batch had a different set of questions The written test included questions from aptitude giving special importance to probability, combinatorics, and statistics.

This round had -2 as negative marking and +3 as positive marking. The round duration was 40 mins and had 30 questions. It consisted of questions from difficulty medium to hard.

Round 2(Group Discussion): A total of 198 students were shortlisted for the GD round. Students were divided into two batches into different time slots My GD consisted of 10 members with 2 mentors. The topic for the discussion was “Jack of all language or Master of one language”. Everybody was given a chance to speak once their names were called out. After individual contribution, the floor was open for discussion among participants Lastly, everyone was asked who according to them be chosen for a further round with reason.

Round 3(Case Study): A total of 38 students were selected for the case study round. The case study round was one of the most interesting aspects of the process.

  • For this round, 3 items needed to be attached, and a total of 45 minutes was given to complete the task-
    1. Upload resume
    2. Upload selfie video on the topic “My goal in life and why is this my goal” [3 minutes](this topic remains the same for all the candidates)
    3. Case study topic: each candidate was attached to a different topic and my topic was “Estimate the quantity of petrol used (in liters) in Chennai per month.”

All the topics were based on estimation, data handling, and how you can process and mine the data available taken from the sources. A few of the topics that my friend got are- “How many marriages occur in Chennai per year?”, “How many hours have been saved in traveling to work in India during the 3 months of total lockdown?”, etc.

Round 4(Interview): A total of 22 students were selected for the interview.

  1. Questions varied in the range from aptitude, probability, statistics to data analysis.
  2. Tell me about yourself?
  3. Why have you applied for the job profile and how can you become a data analyst?
  4. Explanation of mathematics behind the approximation in the case study round and more questions related to the case study.
  5. Puzzle: Puzzle 27 | (Hourglasses Puzzle)
  6. Find the next pattern- 0,3,8,15,24,?(it consisted of difference of odd numbers)
  7. Find the nth element of the above pattern and write a code for it
  8. Write a code for all the prime numbers present in the Fibonacci series.
  9. How do we collect data and how to remove any outliers present in it?
  10. Explanation of the project mentioned in the resume
  11. How do you approach any problem when you are stuck in it?
  12. Lastly, how comfortable are you with Chennai being the location?

5 students were selected from our campus, and I was among one of them. My advice would be to work on your problem-solving skills and only including things that you can justify in your resume.

All the best! 🙂 

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