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Gammastack Interview Experience for FTE
  • Last Updated : 22 Oct, 2020

First Round (Online Test): There are 4 coding questions. all the questions are basic.

  1. Given an array {3,4,12}. To make this array increasing how many integers requires.
  2. Find the given tree as are a mirror image or not.
  3. Find the given sum is present in the array {4, 5, 1, 10} and sum =6
  4. Find the length of the longest common substring  str1= “baseball”   and  str2=”base”

Second Round (Technical): 20 students selected for this round. They ask 3 coding questions and 1 DBMS query.

  1. DBMS query is given employee table name and salary:

    no.  emp_name salary
    1 Rahul 100
    Rahul  200
    Ashish 150
    Deepesh 200

    Make a new Table with a unique name with a total salary

    no emp_name salary
    1 rahul 300
    2 ashish 150
    3 deepesh 200
  2. Given two trees find they are a mirror image to each other or not.

  3. Given a string as password “slafFDKS123$@”. Find the password is strong or not

    • Length should be at least 8
    • At least 2 uppercase letters
    • At least 2 lowercase letters
    • At least 2 numbers (ASCII value 28 to 39)
    • At least 1 special character (ASCII value 33 to 41)
  4. Find the given sum is present in the array {4, 5, 1, 10 } and sum =6

Third Round (Technical): In this round, they asked about my Project done in web development. they asked about the count of the table and said to design the relational schema of your database.

They asked for a contribution to the project I have done it and after asked 1 coding question for pattern printing


Then said to print


Again said that

   *       *
  ***     ***
 *****   *****
******* *******

Then said that print recursively

I have done it and compile it successfully

Fourth Round (HR): In the HR round, they asked a basic question all the question based on my CV she discussed me every point that is mention in CV.

  • Project
  • Family background
  • Why we hire u
  • Co-curriculum activities
  • Achievements
  • Asked for higher studies

Finally, they declare results after 4 days of the interview. I contribute this article before the result I do not know I’m selected or not HOPE sab achaa hi hoga.

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