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Gameskraft Interview Experience | (On Campus for FTE)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2020
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The company visited our campus Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology on 29th July, 2020. The Pre-placement talk was conducted on the same day where we were told about the fast growing rate of Gameskraft in the gaming world. Since everything took place during covid-era, the entire process was virtual. The process included 1 online coding round followed by 3 technical interviews.

Online Coding Round – 

The round took place on HackerRank and we had 90 mins to solve the following 3 questions –

  1. Variation of Job scheduling problem – The expected time complexity was O(n log(n)) but I was able to solve it in O(n2) which passed just 8 out of 14 test cases.
  2. The question is very well explained in this thread – I was able to clear 8 out of 14 test cases.
  3. Given a list of connections between nodes, every direct connection between two nodes indicate that they are best friend. The task was to find for every trio of best friends, the minimum sum of extra best friends of all 3 nodes in the trio.

Around 500 students enrolled for the exam and only 16 were shortlisted out of them.

Technical Interview 1 – 

It included 2 questions of DS-ALGO which are –

  1. Find the sum of all left leaf nodes of a given binary tree. You may refer
  2. Check if a contiguous sub-array exists whose sum is multiple of a given target. You may refer Even though I was able to reach the correct solution very quickly, the interviewer was much more interested in knowing why other approaches would fail. Also there were some corner cases for which I had to correct my code.

Since everything was virtual, the interviewer had shared a link. Also I was asked to share my screen.

10 students cleared this round.

Technical Interview 2 – 

The interviewer reviewed my resume and started asking questions from projects. Discussion on projects lasted for 20-25 mins after which I was asked what my favorite data structure was to which I replied Hash Maps.  Insertion, deletion and retrieval complexities were discussed. Also the difference between ordered and unordered map. And how are collisions handled in case of hashing. A very interesting question that was asked in the end was how would you hash a text file having key-value pairs stored in secondary memory (Hard Drive) and maintain a map in main memory (RAM) of the same file?  The answer to this question was storing Keys as it is along with the byte location of their respective values from the text file into the main memory rather than storing the value itself. Complexities and corner cases for this solution were discussed in depth.

He then asked me what my favorite programming language was, to which I replied C++. I was asked difference between vectors, maps and sets in C++ and also what does lamba do in C++.

2 students cleared this round.

Technical Interview 3 –

In the 3rd round of my interview, I found my interviewer very amicable and supportive. The first question he asked was “Write the code for checking if the solved Sudoku was a valid one?” He told me that he just want to see how quick I can change my thoughts into code. He further added not to worry about the complexities, all he needed was just a working code. Fortunately, I was able to write down the code within 10 minutes.

Next he asked what my favorite project was and started questioning me on the same. Since my project was based on CNN, he discussed every bit of it at length and asked about each and every layer of the model.

I had also deployed a website, so I was asked various questions on back-end and about the server. How are multiple requests handled?

Another DS question which was print all possible additive combinations of a given number. You may refer I was able to write the working code in about 10-12 mins.

I was also asked if it was possible to de-compile an .apk file to view its source code.

I cleared all the rounds, and accepted the  offer.

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