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trunc() in Python

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 11 Sep, 2018

Truncate in Python

There are many built-in modules in python. Out of these module there is one interesting module known as math module which have several functions in it like, ceil, floor, truncate, factorial, fabs, etc.

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Out of these functions there is an interesting function called truncate which behaves as a ceiling function for negative number and floor function for positive number.

In case of positive number

# Python program to show output of floor(), ceil()
# truncate() for a positive number.
import math
print math.floor(3.5) # floor
print math.trunc(3.5) # work as floor
print math.ceil(3.5# ceil



In case of negative number

# Python program to show output of floor(), ceil()
# truncate() for a negative number.
import math
print math.floor(-3.5) # floor 
print math.trunc(-3.5) # work as ceil
print math.ceil(-3.5# ceil



This is because the ceiling function is used to round up, i.e., towards positive infinity and floor function is used to round down, i.e., towards negative infinity.

But the truncate function is used to round up or down towards zero.

Diagrammatic representation of truncate function:-

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