Fuzzy Logic | Introduction

The term fuzzy refers to things which are not clear or are vague. In the real world many times we encounter a situation when we can’t determine whether the state is true or false, their fuzzy logic provides a very valuable flexibility for reasoning. In this way, we can consider the inaccuracies and uncertainties of any situation.

In boolean system truth value, 1.0 represents absolute truth value and 0.0 represents absolute false value. But in the fuzzy system, there is no logic for absolute truth and absolute false value. But in fuzzy logic, there is intermediate value too present which is partially true and partially false.


Its Architecture contains four parts :

Membership function

Definition: A graph that defines how each point in the input space is mapped to membership value between 0 and 1. Input space is often referred as the universe of discourse or universal set (u), which contain all the possible elements of concern in each particular application.
There are largely three types of fuzzifiers:

What is Fuzzy Control?

Advantages of Fuzzy Logic System

Disadvantages of Fuzzy Logic Systems


Fuzzy Logic | Set 2 (Classical and Fuzzy Sets)

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