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Future of home automation

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Home of the future is a space for the digital natives. With the invention of lots of automation technologies featuring IOT and AI, home automation has become a reality. One can implement several of their tasks with just a single command of verbal instructions. These technologies can used to build fully functional home automation system and control smart home devices including smart lights, connected thermostats, and appliances.

There are several new technologies which can become a part of home in the near future:

  • Increased efficiency, control, and customization: Artificial intelligence is set to make you lazy in the near future. Technology will become much more efficient and one will be able to control everything from volume to security from one central place. The devices will work automatically and you don’t need to waste your energy it will act upon user’s preferences. AI would revolutionize home by automatic threat detection and proactive alertness.
  • Integration of Smart home devices: One can command it to control small things of home through voice and Smartphones. All the tech giants are working in the field of IoT to bring advancements in the home automation devices. In near future, homes will be equipped with such IoT devices which will make your daily lives work faster smoother and more accurate.
    Mark Zuckerberg came up with a goofy proof-of-concept video showing off an idealized version of how his Jarvis system actually works. Google Home, which is Google’s smart speaker loaded with Google Assistant, was updated at last year’s Google I/O with a bunch of new features, including “proactive assistance”, also known as push notifications, hands-free free calling, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Deezer integrations, and more. Also, more recently, Google launched two more Google Home speakers, Home Max and Home Mini.
  • Smart spaces outside homes: Smart parking through sensors will help to recognize whether the parking is available or not. Camera monitoring can be done and with the help of artificial intelligence and computer vision, both parking facilities and security can be provided. It would be a faster and smoother process and act as a reference for other smart systems to be build accordingly. Streetlights can also be automated through sensors and build for effective use for the people nearby.
  • Development of smart appliances: The devices which we use to use like television, refrigerator and even the mirror is getting smarter today with evolution of technology. The smart mirror should not only act as a face video but also help to other tasks like listening to music and stuff. Televisions have become part of a centralized entertainment and can also be used for social media. The refrigerator has been upgraded to sense the temperature outside and operate accordingly. The washing machine will wash the clothes according to the clothes material and switch off after drying. They will keep on advancing as the technology evolves.
  • Personal home delivery: Drones will be used to deliver the packages at the right time. They will replace the normal salesman job. They might also be used for several other tasks like monitoring the weather outside the home, returning something back to a relative’s home nearby and so on. They can also be used for monitoring the traffic in our locality.

One can build several amazing projects using the concepts of home automation. There are several projects already done by developers and available on the Internet. They might help you to start the work with IoT. You can add new skills to own smart device. You can make your smart home device work according to your life works and habits. Even we can build many projects around it by discovering new areas of the internet of things and make the world a smarter place to live in.

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Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2018
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