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Full form of FPS

  • Last Updated : 14 Jul, 2020

If you are a gamer, or likes to play games very much then you also want that your CPU has more and more frame and gives you high FPS.

Frame Per Second (FPS) :
FPS stands for Frame Per Second. It is frequency at which consecutive images called frames appear on a display. FPS is frame which is displayed in one second on screen means that if 10 frames are displayed in one second then that will be called 10 FPS or if 20 frames are displayed in a second then that will be 20 FPS.

Examples –

  1. If we go back to old movies, they used film reels which contains different-different and small-small pictures arranged in an order. It was a very lengthy reel which is kept in a roll and then it was used to be fitted on equipment which make it go in a circular motion. After that, any picture or frame which comes on projector screen that is used to display and then 2nd frame and so on, to audience.
  2. Another example is of Phone, suppose you are shooting a video on your phone with full HD display in 30 FPS, that means that phone is having 30 frames and can click 30 pictures in a second and so on. Following this, when you will see that one thinks that this is a video because pictures clicked in every second will be shown in a very fast mode.

Role of Frame Per Second (FPS) in Gaming :
In gaming part, we do not record frames but generate frames for playing video games and for creating visuals and that is created by GBA means Graphic Art. It totally depends on GBA, more it is heavy, good it can generate FPS.

  • Suppose you are playing any game and character which you are playing is holding a sword in his hands. When you click action button, sword is used to attack enemy in front of your character and time taken to complete this action is 2 seconds. So, if you are playing that game at 10 FPS, means you are generating 10 FPS in one second.
  • So, if it is taking 2 seconds means you have 20 pictures to complete that animation, but this is very less frames. When animation will be completed you will realize that it is lacking in frames and also very slow. This is because it is having very less number of pictures to display for animation. It will miss frames due to less FPS.

But, what if you take more FPS, then what will game look like ?
Now, suppose you are playing same game in 50 FPS, then it will have more pictures to display for animation. It will fill missing places with pictures which was lacking due to missing frames. This will complete that action. Then, it will give a smooth motion which will be a good user experience.

What type of FPS one should use in games ?

  • 30 FPS –
    It is most common FPS rate in games.
  • 60 FPS –
    It is regarded as ideal frame rate. It is achievable by only well-optimized games.
  • 120 FPS –
    It requires high hardware requirements, and has high pricing and also achievable in high-end games.
  • 240 FPS –
    It can only be displayed on 240Hz refresh rate monitors, also used by only less number of gamers.

Conclusion is that more FPS in game, better will be visual experience.

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