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FreshWorks Interview Experience | On-campus for Software Developer

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  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2019

Round 1: Online Coding

The first round was online coding assessment. The assessment happened on Hackerrank for 75 mins. We were given 4 programming questions to solve all based on real time problems but it was simple. I used Java programming to solve the problem. In Java I used collections to solve the problems.  Out of 4 questions I was able to solve 3 questions.

Out of 300 students only 40 students were qualified for next round.

Round 2: Written Test

The next round happened 3 weeks after first round. The next round was a written test for 40 mins. We were given two problems (1 moderate and 1 hard) to solve. The problems were based on oops and linked list. We can use any programming language to solve the problem but I used Java to solve the questions. Out of 2 questions I was able to solve 1 question.


Out of  40 students only 20 students were qualified for next round.

Round 3: Technical Interview 1

The next was face-to-face technical interview. It happened for nearly 40 mins. The interview started with tell me about yourself? . Next he asked few technical questions and projects that I have done. The interview was moderate. He gave me a notepad and asked to solve the following problem:

  • The first question was on SQL. He asked me to draw the database table that I used in my project.
  • Then he asked me what are the technologies used in my projects.
  • Given a table. How will you sort the table.
  • Next he gave me 2 tables and asked to inner join them.
  •  Given a array of integers. Find the pair of numbers with maximum sum with O(n) complexity.
  • Given 2 integers. Swap them without third variable using pointers.
  • Given a string. Find whether it is palindrome or not.

Out of 20 students only 14 were selected for next round.

Round 4: Technical Interview 2

The next round was also a face-to-face technical interview. It happened for nearly 1 hr 15 mins.This round had questions on puzzles,   c, java, python, data structures, sql, problem solving, projects etc, . The link to the  puzzles that was asked is given  below:


After the puzzles he asked me some technical questions. Out of 14 students only 5 were shortlisted for hr round. I was not selected for next round.


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