Freshworks Interview Experience for Senior Software Developer

Round 1: Telephonic with screen sharing for coding:

The first round was over the telephone where the interviewer asked about current work and technologies used.

After that 2 coding questions (1 easy and 1 moderate )were asked with screen sharing to write  the working code.

  1. Given an array of 0s and 1s sort them.
  2. Given an unsorted array of positive and negative numbers, find the minimum sum in o(1) time complexity.
  3. One java based question on memory leakage and GC.

Round 2: F2F

After telephonic screening was called for f2f interview at their Chennai office.

The first face to face round was again coding round and following two questions were asked:

1.Reverse a linked list.

2.An array based question which I am unable to recall.

Round 3: Design round

Following two questions(1 HLD and 1 LLD)  were asked.

1.Design instagram.

A lot of discussion around database design and caching mechanism.The interviewer was primarily focussed on API and DB design.

2.Design parking lot.

Refer Grokking the System Design Interview for preparing this section. It helped me a lot during my preparation time.

Round 4: Cross Functional Round

After qualifying the above two rounds there was cross functional round where a Senior Manager came.

He asked questions around most interesting work you did till now and how can the architecture for same be enhanced. A lot of discussion happened around improvising on the existing architecture.

After the above round there was an HR round where he mostly discussed why freshworks and location (as I was more interested in Bangalore location but they had their major setup in Chennai ).

After 2-3 days the HR again called for ctc negotiation and offer letter was rolled out in 15-17 days time.



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