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Freshworks Interview Experience for Senior Backend Developer

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2020

First-round: Phone screening + some coding and design questions. In this round, I was asked about my role, tools, and tech stacks used in my current company.  I was also asked 1 coding question and 1 system design question

  1. Coding question – find the intersection of 2 Linked list
  2. Desing question – LLD on building system like Flipkart

Second round: Coding round

Questions asked:

  1. Find the middle element in LinkedList.
  2. Find cube root, given a perfect cube. (without using built-in methods).
  3. Find the overlapping time duration in two arrays having hours stored.

Third round: System design round

They asked me the most challenging task I did in my experience. I wasn’t prepared for this question and I wasn’t in a nice mood to recollect some challenging situation I handled. I told some silly situation and got into trouble

I was asked an object-oriented design question and had to write a class and abstract methods for a requirement. I started the interview badly and it continued for the whole session. Got rejected as expected

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