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Freshworks/Freshdesk Interview Experience for Software Developer (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Feb, 2021
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I applied to the company in November 2020 and I was given two choices (Software developer / Go-To-Market). The Go-To-Market role had Sales Development / Inside Sales / Presales / Customer Support / Customer Success options. I chose the Tech Role(SD). In a week’s time, they shared a Google form where they asked about my Academic details, GitHub Repository link, Area(s) of Interest, Competitive Coding profile (HackerRank, HackerEarth, GFG), and a short video about myself.

First Round (Online Coding):

I was given the HackerRank link for the Coding challenge.

Duration: 90 min

Q1. Check whether the given tree is a BST or not?

Q2. Detect loop in given Linked List.

Q3. Stock Buy & Sell.

Q4. Search in a Row and Column-sorted matrix.

All problems are functional (Don’t need to take any input from the user).

Second Round (Assignment):

Assignments were given for both roles (Tech & Non-Tech).

As I opted for the Tech role, my assignment was:

Build a file-based key-value data store that supports the basic CRD (create, read, and delete)

operations. This data store is meant to be used as local storage for one single process on one

laptop. The data store must be exposed as a library to clients that can instantiate a class and work

with the data store.

I got selected in this round!

Third Round (Technical Interview-1) [Front-End based]:

Duration: 45 min

After she introduced herself and her current role in the company, she asked:

Q1. Tell me about yourself.

Q2. Explain your project & your role in that.

Q3. Basic questions on Front-End Technologies (JS, HTML5, CSS).

Q4. Remove adjacent occurrences of the same character in a string [‘ABBABCC’ to ‘AAB’ to ‘B’]

Q5. Puzzle:

Qn:  101-102 = 1

Make this equation correct by moving only one numeral! [Should not swap the positions of ‘102’ and ‘101’ (or) add ‘-‘ to RHS]

Ans: 101-102 = 1

Q6. Any questions for me?

  • Explain the work culture of the company.

I cleared this round!

Fourth Round (Technical Interview-2) [Back-End based]:

Duration: 45 min

After he introduced himself and his current role in the company (Senior BackEnd Developer), he asked the following questions:

Q1. Tell me about yourself.

Q2. Few SQL queries.

Q3. Delete a node in Linked List without the help of the head pointer. (Asked for the Best approach)

Q4. Puzzle:

Qn:  5__12

Place a mathematical symbol in the dash to get a number between 5 and 12 [Should not swap the positions of ‘5’ and ’12’ ]

Ans:  5.12 (5<5.12<12) 

Q5. Any questions for me?

  • Explain your work experience in the company.

I cleared this round as well!

Final Round (HR):

Duration: 30 min

The HR was very friendly like the previous two rounds’ interviewers.

He asked me basic HR questions like:

Q1.Tell me about yourself.

Q2.Why did you choose your College?

Q3.Did you get rejected by any of the companies and why?

Q4.Why Freshworks?

Q5.Are you ready for 6 months internship?

Q6.Are you ready to relocate?

  • Answer ‘YES’. They’re just checking your love towards the job & company.

I answered all of them in a confident manner. 

Then, he explained to me about the Internship and the salary package.

Attend with Confidence & Clear mind!!!

Verdict: Selected as Intern (5 months) + FTE.


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