Fractal Analytics Interview Experience for Imagineer

Fractal Analytics is an AI-based company, and this is a fresher role. I had the following rounds during my campus placement:

Online Test I: Data Analysis, Quantitative Ability, Reasoning, Verbal

Online Test II: It had 8 questions in all. 4 were Python coding, 4 were SQL queries. All the questions were easy and do not have much weightage on the shortlisting. Round I is more important.

After shortlisting, there were three interview rounds, each being an elimination round.

Problem Solving Round: Asked project-related questions and approach to few case study questions, related to Market Entry and Profitability.

Business Understanding Round: There were guesstimates and probability-based questions in this round. They focus mainly on the structure and approach of your answer. Probability questions were very basic.

HR Round: Typical HR questions were asked, namely strengths, weaknesses, values, why Fractal, etc. Also asked few questions from Resume. I felt that they mainly judged confidence and genuineness. Extra-Curricular activities matter too if you are able to justify its importance in your life. Prefer not to answer any mugged up stories.

This was all. They declared results post the last round.

Preparation Strategy: I would suggest practicing sufficient Quant questions for speed and accuracy, follow Case Interviews cracked on Youtube by Sankalp Kelshikar and Saransh Garg for all types of case study questions (their approach is on-point) and be thorough with your Resume. This was all I did! Additionally, if you have prior knowledge in Python and SQL, it would definitely be an advantage.

Fortunately, I got selected. I hope you too are!

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