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Week 1 Basics Of Java, Control Structures Background (JVM, JDK and JRE), Syntax, Variables, Data Types, I/O, Operators, Java packages If, If-else, Switch case, Loops(For, While, Do while), continue, break, jump and type conversion.
Week 2 Arrays, Bitwise and logical Operators, Strings, Functions 1D-array(creation, updation, deletion), 2D-array(creation, updation, deletion), AND, OR, XOR, Subsets and XOR problems, Strings(StringBuffer and Builder) and methods, Normal function usage
Week 3 Classes and Objects, Useful keywords, Comparator, Building Pair Class, BigInteger class static, final, this, library methods of BigInteger class
Week 4 List Interface, Stack Class, Queue and Deque Interface ArrayList, LinkedList, Stack operations, PriorityQueue and its operations, ArrayDeque and its operations
Week 5 Set Interface, Map Interface HashSet, LinkedHashSet, TreeSet and their operations, HashMap, LinkedHashMap, TreeMap and their operations
Week 6 Misc Topics Dictionary Class, Calendar Class

Course Home Page

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