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Fork CPP | Course Structure
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2018

Course Home Page

Week Topic Sub-Topic
Week 1 Basics Of C++, Control Structures Syntax, Variables, Data Types, I/O, Operators, Preprocessors, If, If-else, Switch case, Loops(For, While, Do while)
Week 2 Arrays, Bitwise Operators, Strings, Functions 1D-array(creation, updation, deletion), 2D-array(creation, updation, deletion), AND, OR, XOR, Subsets and XOR problems, Strings and methods, Normal function usage
Week 3 Pointers, Structures and Classes Pointers basics, dynamic memory allocation, Pass by reference and by pointer, Pointer to pointer, Pointer arithmetic, Arrays and pointers, Pointer to function, struct and classes
Week 4 Standard Template Library Pair, Vector, Iterators, Methods in algorithms header file used for STLs: reverse, sort, random_shuffle, lower_bound, upper_bound, etc
Week 5 Stack, Queue, Deque, Priority Queue Stack operations, Queue operations, Deque operations, Priority operations
Week 6 Set, Map, Multiset, Multimap Set operations, Map operations, Multiset operations, Multimap operations

Course Home Page

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