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Fonts in LaTeX

  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2020

There are many types of font families and sizes. Our keyboard does not contain Different Fonts, so we use Latex Code to write them.

Fonts and their Latex Code :

1. Blackboard bold\mathbb{BLACK-BOARD-BOLD}\mathbb{blackboard-bold}
2. Boldface\mathbf{BOLD-FACE}\mathbf{BOLD-FACE}
3. Italics\mathit{ITALICS}\mathit{ITALICS}
4. Boldfaced italics\pmb{BOLDFACED ITALICS}\pmb{BOLDFACED ITALICS}
5. Typewriter\mathtt{TYPEWRITER}\mathtt{TYPEWRITER}
6. Roman font\mathrm{ROMAN FONT}\mathrm{ROMAN FONT}
7. Sans-serif font\mathsf{SANS-SERIF-FONT}\mathsf{SANS-SERIF-FONT}
8. Calligraphic Letters\mathbf{CALLIGRAPHIC-LETTERS}\mathbf{CALLIGRAPHIC-LETTERS}
9. Script letters\mathscr{SCRIPT-LETTERS}\mathscr{SCRIPT-LETTERS}
10. Old German style letters\mathfrak{old-German-style-letters}\mathfrak{old-German-style-letters}

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