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Fluke corporation(Fortive) Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2020

Profile:Sofware Design engineer 1 

Skills asked : C, C++,Java 


Round 1:Online test(both technical and aptitude) 

  • It has  21 questions.
  • Test duration was 45 min
  • Negative marking for each questions
  • questions vary with the marking based on the complexity of the question
  • example:Question is of 6 mark then negative mark cut is of 2 mark
  • platform :hacker rank/hacker earth
  • Questions all are of multiple choice
  • The portions  to cover for unlock this round is DS,DBMS,Verbal,Coding(guess the output), Aptitude
  • Solve questions from GFG,indiabix

Round 2:Technical Interview 

  • Technical Interview 1(coding,Previous project work)(panel has 1 person) 
    • Basic coding 2 or 3 questions on DS(Arrays,linked list) like 
      • loop detection in linked list
      • Reverse a linked list
      • Rotate a linked list
      • Intersection point of two linked list etc
      • Basic C++ questions on 
        • Inheritance
        • Polymorphism etc
    • Puzzles 
      • based on divide and conquer
    • Quetions on project 
      • tools and technologies usage
      • role
    • Confidence plays a key role with clarity with the answer
  • Technical Interview 2(Panel consisted 2 people) 
    • Coding questions on Array
    • based on stack
    • bit manipulation
    • Html
    • CSS
    • JS
    • Project details
    • Basic puzzles like 
      • cut the cake into 8 pieces with 3 cuts
      • Burn the lamp and measure 45 min

Round 3:HR round(panel had 3 interviewers) 

They asked my introduction ,Family background.

Task:Conducting mock campus placement as a HR of the company 

questions on OS 

Over all it was good experience ,They selected 2 people from our campus.

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