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Flipkart SDE Interview Experience | Set 43 (On-campus for Internship)

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Recently Flipkart came to my college for SDE interns. GeeksForGeeks helped me a lot in preparing for the coding tests as well as for interviews.

1st Round. – Online – 60 mins
The first round was an online round which was hosted on . There were 3 Coding questions each of more than average level.

13 students were shortlisted after this round for Technical Interviews

2nd Round – Technical Interview
The Interviewer asked me 3 Questions in this round and it lasted for 30-40 minutes.

  1. Find maximum of minimum for every window size k in a given array.
  2. Design a Data Structure that will support AddElement(),DeleteElement() and getRandomElement() functions in O(1) time complexity.
  3. Candies Distribution Problem

6 Students were shortlisted after this round for next round.

3rd Round – Technical Interview
The Interviewer asked me 3 Questions in this round and it lasted for 30-40 minutes.

  1. Suppose we are given n elements and m pairs (a,b) where each pair denotes that height of elephant a is less than height of elephant b. We need to determine one of the possible orders of the elephants height and output it in the form (for example) a < b < c.
    Here I wrote one of the possible orders because if the number of given pairs are less than the required number of pairs to determine the actual order then we need to print all possible orders of elephants heights.
  2. Find maximum possible stolen value from houses
  3. 0-1 Knapsack Problem
    They asked me this question by twisting the language by taking IPL example where each player has some rating and cost. We need to maximize rating given fixed budget.
    Then they asked me since for basic DP approach we need to make a 2-D matrix in which number of columns is equal to the budget that we have. So this basic DP approach takes lots on unnecessary space. Imagine the case where budget = 500 then we need to make 500 columns in our matrix. So they asked for some better approach.I gave them my approach at that time I don’t know whether it was correct or not because interviewer just listened to my approach and had not said anything and ended the interview.

After this round they selected 3 students from my college. I was one of them.

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Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2017
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