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Flipkart On-campus Placement Process 2020 Graduate

Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2020
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Flipkart came on On-campus for SDE Role.

Round 1: Coding Round

This round comprises of 3 problems. The one who was able to solve 2 problems complete and 1 problem partial were able to proceed.

Round 2: F2F Technical Interview (60 Minutes)

Around 20 people appeared for this round. The round comprises of 3 problems. All students are asked with the same problem in order to ensure uniformity.

Question 1: Your task is to design a string comprising of a given number of a, b and c in such a way that no two similar characters are together. First task was to tell whether it is possible or not. If possible, the next task was to prepare a string satisfying the constraints.

Solution: Solved using Heap.

Question 2: Design a data structure to serve the requests of people in the city. The city comprises of 2 type of people: Rich people and Poor people. There are N items 1, 2, 3, …, N that are demanded by the people. The rich people may demand any item present in the queue while the poor people get the item present in the front of the queue. Design a data structure that can solve the problem optimally.

Solution: Solved using Doubly linked list and Hash map to store the address of each node in the linked list. It was similar to the implementation of LRU Cache. Link:

Question 3: Given two arrays. Your task is to swap one element from the array and make the sum of the two arrays equal if possible.

Round 3: F2F Technical Interview (60 Minutes)

Around 10 people appeared for this round. The round comprises of 2 problems. All students are asked with the same problem in order to ensure uniformity.

Question 1: You are given with a n digit lock. Your task is to break the lock. You are given with the starting sequence and the ending sequence. There are certain lock configurations that are said to be the deadlock. If you are stuck in that sequence, the lock is locked forever and you can not proceed further. You are given with K deadlock configurations. In one second, you can change one digit of the lock either up or down. So, if the digit is 3, you can make it 2 or 4 in one second. The lock is circular, which means 0 can be changed to 9 and vice versa in one second. Your task is to find the minimum time in which the lock can be broken.

Solution: Using the BFS approach to find the minimum number of steps to reach the end sequence from the start sequence.

Question 2: A probability related question using Dynamic Programming.

Some people were asked Alien Dictionary (Link: instead of second question.

Round 4: F2F Hiring Manager Round (30 Minutes)

This round involved a discussion about projects, internship and few basic HR questions.

Final Verdict: Selected!

7 people were able to get the offer including me.

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