Flipkart On-Campus Interview SDE-1

Coding Round was a 1 and half an hour round. Three questions were there.

  1. Tell if parenthesization is valid or invalid with strings containing {}[]<>.
  2. Find number of ways to form alternate sentences by replacing words with their anagrams from a dictionary.
  3. A question on Dynamic Programming with the shape of Balloon Burst problem.

To go through this, all the questions had to be attempted 100% correct ( at least, in my institute.)

Round 1: Technical(one hour– two questions were asked. They were- find an efficient algorithm to sort a K-nearly sorted Array; and Find an algorithm to arrange deck of cards  such that any sequence has equal probability of appearance.

The interviewer was patient enough and gave hints wherever he could. I tactically started out with naive and moved onto better proposals. There were some casual questions about my project but I don’t think he was noting it.

Round 2: Techincal(40 min) –  Two questions were asked. They were – number of jumping numbers  and an algorithm in which we have to remove all leaf nodes at a time and repeating this until whole tree is deleted [ O(n) was expected.]

Interviewers gave hints but gave no time for me to think through them as if they were in a hurry and quite anxious. I could not think of a solution quickly enough.

Round 3: HR(10 min) – Almost a formality. one puzzles were asked- online interview problem. One was an algorithm to do m-coloring efficiently.

I was not selected but I do realise it was an easy one to crack. They solely focused on your algorithmic skills and data structure decisions. They did not care about other things like DBMS, OOP etc.

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