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Flipkart Interview | Set 4 (For SDE-1)

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Company: Flipkart 
Profile: SDE 1 
Experience: 7 months 


  • Round 1: Online Coding Exam (2 hour on interviewstreet) 
    (Need to pass 4 test cases + if time permits 4 hidden test cases) 
    • There are two strings s1 and s2. Find the maximum of percentage word matching from s1 to s2 and s2 to s1
      Where, percentage word matching= (Total words matched in s2 /total number of words in s1) * 100
  • Round 2: 1st Telephonic interview 
    1. Generate all numbers in ascending order which are having factors as 2,3 and 5. Discuss various approaches. 
      Article Link:
      Practice Link:
    2. Check whether given Binary Tree is a Binary Search Tree. Discuss various approaches. 
    3. I don’t remember
  • Round 3: 2nd Telephonic interview 
    1. Some scenario interviewer described on phone had to identify data structure to model it and algorithm to solve. Data structure used: Graph and algorithm used: Topological sort 
    2. Given N meeting with their start time s1, s2 ….sn and end time e1, e2 ….en and K rooms. How to schedule maximum of N meetings in k rooms. (Concept: Interval partitioning using greedy approach). 
      Article Link:
      Practice Link:
      Called for onsite interview. All expenses flight, hotel, cab etc..were taken care by company.
  • Round 4: 1st F2F interview (Machine Coding round) (1 hour 10 min) 
    Given a string regex and anothe ther string pat find whether the pattern is acceptable against given regex string. 
    Regex string contains following characters and special characters: 
    1. Normal alphabets – a to z and A to Z 
    2. ‘$’ – all string should end with all characters preceding $ 
      Regex :abc$ , 
      Pattern: abcd(Not acceptable) , abc(acceptable), ab(Not acceptable), dhfusdhabc(acceptable) etc.. 
    3. ‘^’ – all string should start with all characters exceeding ^ 
      Example: Regex : ^abc 
      Pattern: abcd(acceptable) , abc(acceptable), ab(Not acceptable), dhfusdhabc(NOT acceptable) etc.. 
      Regex: ^ then only pattern acceptable is null. 
    4. ‘.’ – any character can be mapped to dot except null 
      Example 1: Regex : .abc 
      Pattern: Zabc(acceptable) , abc(NOT acceptable), ab(Not acceptable), habc(acceptable) etc.. 
      Example 2: Regex :a.bc 
      Pattern: abc(NOT acceptable) , aXbc(acceptable), ab(Not acceptable), habc(NOT acceptable) etc.. 
    5. ‘*’-the character just preceding * can be repeated n time where (n>=0) 
      Example 1: Regex :abc*de 
      Pattern: abccccccccccde (acceptable), abcde(acceptable), abcccd(not acceptable) 
      Code should follow OOPs principle such as modularity (make each function for each special character), encapsulation etc. 
      Further discussion on improving the code and how would other person can see the code and add other functions to it.
  • Round 5: 2nd F2F interview (Problem solving and data structure round) (1 – 1.5 hr) 
    1. Generate n numbers in ascending order which are having given k factors. Discuss various approaches. Discussed on various approaches. 
      I told 3 approaches: 
      Naïve approach—O(nk) 
      Heap approach — O(nlogk), 
      Linear time — O(n) 
      Article Link:
    2. Given set of words which I have to treat as dictionary as new lexicographic order. I have to learn from set of string as print lexicographic order of each character. (Topological sort)
      Article Link:
      Practice Link:
  • Round 6: 3rd F2F interview (Hiring Manager Round) (1 – 1.5 hr) 
    • Tell me about yourself. 
    • About your hobbies, your ideal 
    • Discussed every minute details about my one published research IEEE paper. 
    • Why you want to join Flipkart? 
    • Why you are leaving your previous company within just 7 months? 
      etc. etc
  • Round 7: 3rd Telephonic interview (Reporting Manager Round) (1.5 hr) 
    • Discussed about product life cycle in a product based company and consultancy based company. 
    • Work flow, Flipkart hierarchy. 
    • Compensation details.

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Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2021
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